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Renovox is a brand, referred to as “the Company,” “us,” or “we” in this document.

Parties to the Agreement

2.1 This Agreement is made between the Company and the Client, referred to as “the Client,” “you,” “your,” “they,” “them,” or “their.” The Client has completed the Account Opening Application Form and has been accepted by the Company as a Client.


2.2 The Client confirms that they have taken adequate time to read the Agreement, along with any additional documentation or information available on the Company’s official website ( This is done prior to opening an account or engaging in any activities or transactions with the Company.


2.3 The Client explicitly acknowledges and agrees that by clicking on the relevant acceptance space in the online application form, they are entering into a legally binding contract with the Company. The Client fully understands and agrees to comply with all the Terms and Conditions outlined in this Agreement as applicable to them.


Interpretation of Terms

3.1 In this Agreement:

“Access Data” refers to the Login Details, Password, and any other information required to access and use the Platform(s), including the telephone password for phone-based Orders and any other secret or private codes issued by the Company to the Client.


“Account Opening Application” denotes the application form completed by the Client online to request the Company’s Services under this Agreement.


“Affiliate” represents any entity directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by the Company, or any entity under common control with the Company, or any entity related to the Company. The term “control” refers to the power to direct or manage the affairs of the Company.


“Agreement” encompasses this Client Agreement, the Terms and Conditions, and all related Legal Documentation uploaded on the Company’s Official Website, subject to amendments over time.


“Applicable Regulations” include the Regulations of the FSC (Financial Services Commission) or any other relevant authority overseeing the Company, the Rules of the relevant market, and any other applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


“Ask” signifies the minimum price at which the Company is willing to receive from the Client for purchasing a financial instrument.


“Authorized Representative” refers to the person mentioned in Paragraph 12.2 of this Agreement.


“Balance” represents the overall financial outcome in the Client Account after the most recent Completed Transaction and any deposit or withdrawal operations at any given time.


“Base Currency” denotes the primary currency in the Currency Pair against which the Client buys or sells the Quote Currency.


“Best Execution Policy” refers to the Company’s policy available on the official website, subject to amendments over time, concerning the best execution of client orders.


“Bid” indicates the lower price in a Quote at which the Client can sell.


“Business Day” represents any day when the Company is open for business, excluding International Holidays.


“CFD Contract” or “CFD” stands for a contract for difference based on fluctuations in the price of the relevant security or index.


“Client Account” refers to the unique personalized account of the Client, comprising all Completed Transactions, Open Positions, and Orders on the Platform, the Balance of client funds, and any Deposit/Withdrawal transactions.


“Closed Position” refers to the opposite of an Open Position.


“Completed Transaction” in a CFD signifies two counter deals of the same size, involving opening and closing a position, either buying and then selling or vice versa.


“Contract for Difference (CFD)” denotes a financial instrument that references variations in the price of an Underlying Asset. A CFD is a contract for differences.


“Conflict of Interests Policy” represents the Company’s policy, subject to amendments over time, regarding conflicts of interest. This policy is available on the Company’s website.


“Contract Specifications” encompass the principal trading terms in CFD, such as Spreads, Swaps, Lot Size, Initial Margin, Necessary Margin, Hedged Margin, minimum levels for placing Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Limit Orders, financing charges, and any other applicable charges. These specifications are determined by the Company and may change over time.


“Currency of the Client Account” refers to the currency in which the Client Account is denominated, such as USD or EUR, or any other currency offered by the Company from time to time.


“Currency Pair” denotes the Underlying Asset of a CFD Transaction, reflecting the change in value between two currencies (the Quote Currency and the Base Currency). It indicates how much of the Quote currency is required to purchase one unit of the Base Currency.


“Equity” represents the Balance, including Floating Profit or Loss derived from an Open Position. It is calculated as Equity = Balance + Credit + Floating Profit – Floating Loss.


“Essential Details” signify the necessary information for the Company to place an Order. For example, the type of Financial Instrument, type of Order, type of Underlying Asset, and, in the case of a Pending Order (limit or stop), the intended price at which the Order will enter the market, along with any Stop Loss or Take Profit levels, etc.


“Event of Default” holds the meaning defined in paragraph 15.1 of the Client Agreement.


“Expert Advisor (EA)” refers to a mechanical online trading system designed to automate trading activities on an electronic trading platform. It can notify the Client of trading opportunities and automatically execute trades, including managing aspects like stop loss, trailing stops, and take profit levels. The Company does not provide this feature to clients, and the use of such automated trading systems is prohibited. EA can also refer to copying trades from other traders, brokers, or third-party Signal Providers, or using any kind of automated trading system. The Company reserves the right to cancel or suspend any Client Account suspected of using such systems.


“Financial Instrument” refers to the Financial Instruments covered by the Company’s license.


“Floating Profit/Loss” in a CFD represents the current profit or loss on Open Positions calculated based on the current Quotes.


“Force Majeure Event” carries the meaning as described in Paragraph 27.1 of this Agreement.


“Free Margin” signifies the amount of funds available in the Client Account that can be used to open or maintain a position. Free margin is calculated as Equity minus Necessary Margin (Free Margin = Equity – Necessary Margin).


“Hedged Margin” refers to the margin required by the Company to open and maintain matched positions.


“Initial Margin” denotes the margin required by the Company to open a position.


“Introducing Broker (IB)” refers to any person or legal entity remunerated by the Company and/or its clients for referring clients to the Company, providing advice to clients, or executing transactions on behalf of clients with the Company.


“Leverage” represents the ratio between the Transaction Size and the Initial Margin. For example, a 1:500 ratio means that the Initial Margin is five hundred times less than the Transaction’s Size.


“Long Position” indicates a buy position that appreciates in value when underlying market prices increase.


“Lot” refers to a unit that measures the specified transaction amount for each underlying asset in a CFD.


“Lot Size” represents the number of underlying assets in one lot within a CFD. The standard lot size, which is the measurement unit specified for each CFD, is set as 1 (one). The company may offer standard lots, micro-lots, and mini-lots at its discretion, as defined in the Contract Specifications and/or the company’s official website.


“Margin” denotes the required guaranteed funds for opening or maintaining open positions in a CFD transaction.


“Margin Call” indicates the situation when the company notifies the client to deposit additional margin because they do not have enough margin to open or maintain open positions.


“Margin Level” refers to the percentage ratio of equity to necessary margin. It is calculated as follows: Margin Level = (Equity / Necessary Margin) x 100%.


“Margin Trading” represents leveraged trading where the client can engage in transactions with less funds in their account compared to the transaction size.


“Matched Positions” are long and short positions of the same transaction size opened on the client’s account for the same CFD.


“Necessary Margin” in CFD trading refers to the margin required by the company to maintain open positions.


“Normal Market Size” signifies the maximum number of units of the underlying asset transmitted by the company for execution.


“Open Position” indicates any open position contract (buy and/or sell) that has not been closed. It can be a long or a short position and is not considered a completed transaction.


“Order” represents an instruction from the client to trade in CFDs, as applicable.


“Platform” refers to the electronic mechanism operated and maintained by the company, including a trading platform, computer devices, software, databases, telecommunication hardware, programs, and technical facilities. It facilitates the client’s trading activity in financial instruments through their account.


“Politically Exposed Person (PEP)” includes:

  1. a) Natural persons who currently or previously held prominent public functions, such as heads of state, heads of government, ministers, deputy or assistant ministers, members of parliaments, members of supreme courts, constitutional courts, or other high-level judicial bodies with decisions not subject to further appeal (excluding exceptional circumstances), members of courts of auditors or boards of central banks, ambassadors, chargés d’affaires, high-ranking officers in the armed forces, and members of administrative, management, or supervisory bodies of state-owned enterprises. This definition does not include middle-ranking or junior officials. Additionally, individuals who ceased to hold a prominent public function as defined above for at least one year in any country are not considered politically exposed persons.
  2. b) Immediate family members of the individuals mentioned in definition a, including spouses, partners considered equivalent to spouses under national law, children and their spouses/partners, and parents.
  3. c) Persons known to have close business relations or joint beneficial ownership with the individuals mentioned in definition a.


“Order Level” denotes the price indicated in the order.


“Quote” represents the current price of a specific underlying asset, consisting of bid and ask prices.


“Quote Currency” refers to the second currency in a currency pair that can be bought or sold by the client in exchange for the base currency.


“Quote Base” signifies the stored information on quotes flow in the server.


“Quotes Flow” represents the continuous stream of quotes in the platform for each CFD.


“Services” indicate the services offered by the company to the client as specified in Paragraph 7.1 of the Client Agreement.


“Short Position” refers to a sell position that gains value when underlying market prices decrease.


“Slippage” signifies the difference between the expected price of a transaction in a CFD and the actual execution price. Slippage often occurs during periods of high volatility, making it impossible to execute an order at a specific price. It is more likely to happen with market orders and when executing large orders where there may not be sufficient interest at the desired price level.


“Spread” denotes the difference between the ask and bid prices of an underlying asset in a CFD at a given moment.


“Swap or Rollover” refers to the interest added or deducted for holding a position open overnight.


“Swap Free Client Account” is a type of client account available for CFDs, as defined in paragraph 44.


“Trailing Stop” represents a stop-loss order set at a percentage level below the market price for a long position. The trailing stop price adjusts as the price fluctuates. For a sell trailing stop order, the stop price is set at a fixed amount below the market price, and if the price falls, the stop loss price remains unchanged until it is hit and a market order is executed.


“Transaction” refers to the client’s transaction in a CFD.


“Transaction Size” signifies the lot size multiplied by the number of lots.


“Underlying Asset” denotes the relevant market where the underlying asset of a CFD is traded.


“Website” signifies the company’s official website at


3.2 Words used in the singular form also include the plural form, and vice versa. Masculine terms also encompass the feminine gender, and vice versa. References to persons include corporations, partnerships, unincorporated bodies, legal entities, and vice versa.


3.3 Paragraph headings are provided for ease of reference only.


3.4 Any reference to acts, regulations, or laws shall pertain to the respective acts, regulations, or laws as amended, modified, supplemented, consolidated, re-enacted, or replaced over time. This includes all associated guidance, directives, statutory instruments, regulations, or orders made pursuant to such statutory provisions, including re-enactments, replacements, or modifications thereof.


Application and Commencement

4.1 Upon the client’s completion and submission of the Account Opening Application Form, along with the necessary identification documentation required by the company for internal checks and compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the company will notify the client whether they have been accepted as a client. It is understood that the company may be unable, under applicable regulations, to accept a person as a client until all required documentation has been received, properly completed, and all internal company checks have been satisfied. The company reserves the right to impose additional due diligence measures when deemed necessary.

4.2 The agreement becomes effective and commences once the client receives a notice from the company informing them of their acceptance as a client or the opening of a trading account for them.


4.3 The client has the right to cancel the agreement by providing written notice to the company within the first fourteen (14) days of activating their account. In such a case, the company will refund any amount transferred by the client, provided no trades have been executed via the company’s platform(s).


4.4 If the agreement is not canceled, it remains in effect until termination, as outlined in the “Termination” section of this document.


Suitability and Appropriateness

5.1 The client acknowledges that CFD products offered by the company through its services are not presented as suitable for the client. Any comments, statements, research, or advice provided by the company, its employees, agents, representatives, or affiliates regarding CFDs should not be considered investment advice and should not be relied upon as such.

5.2 As the company operates on an execution-only basis, clients are solely responsible for assessing and investigating the risks associated with their transactions when submitting orders. The client represents that they possess sufficient knowledge, understanding, and experience to evaluate the merits and risks of any transaction, including the risk of losing their entire invested capital. The company does not provide any warranty regarding the suitability of the CFDs traded under the agreement and assumes no fiduciary duty in its relationship with clients.



6.1 By agreeing to this Agreement, the Client acknowledges and accepts that they have a clear understanding of the concept of leverage.

6.2 Trading with leverage allows the Client to execute trades with larger values than the actual funds they invest, using their margin. High leverage can lead to higher potential returns but also increases the risk of substantial losses. The leverage is expressed as a ratio, such as 1:100, 1:200, 1:300, 1:400, 1:500, and 1:1000, or any other ratio introduced by the Company in the future.

6.3 The Company reserves the right to apply specific leverage ratios to certain asset classes or parts of them, such as the Commodities asset class, rather than individual financial instruments within those classes.

6.4 Notwithstanding the above provisions, the Company may, at its discretion and without prior notice, restrict default or selected leverage ratios if it deems it in the Client’s best interests based on their individual circumstances and trading behavior, or if market conditions and volatility necessitate such actions.

6.5 While the Company will strive to provide reasonable prior notice of any changes described in clause 6.4, the Client acknowledges that during periods of heightened market volatility caused by expected or unexpected political and economic events, the Company may implement such changes without advance notice but will inform the Client simultaneously with their implementation.



7.1 The Company offers the Client access to trading various instruments in the form of Contracts for Difference (CFDs), also known as Leveraged Products, on an execution-only basis. Detailed descriptions of the offered instruments and contract specifications can be found on the Company’s official website.

7.2 The Company will always act as a “Matched-Principal” regarding the Client’s trades, and the trading is conducted on a non-advised basis.

7.3 By engaging with the Company, the Client receives the following investment services, subject to fulfilling their obligations under the Agreement:

  1. a) Reception and transmission of the Client’s orders in Financial Instruments offered by the Company.
  2. b) Execution of orders in Financial Instruments offered by the Company.
  3. c) Cash/collateral management as outlined in paragraph 16 below.
  4. d) Foreign currency services associated with the reception and transmission of orders mentioned in paragraph 7.3(a).

7.4 The Company offers its services in relation to various Financial Instruments, but the Client may only be allowed to trade specific instruments within that range.

7.5 It should be noted that when trading CFDs, the Company does not hold any Financial Instruments on behalf of the Client or provide safekeeping and administration of such instruments. Additionally, the Client understands that CFDs are derivative products, and no physical delivery of underlying assets occurs.

7.6 The Client acknowledges that the Company is the sole execution venue for their trading activity under the Agreement. Although the Company may transmit the Client’s orders for execution to third-party liquidity providers through an electronic communication platform, the Company remains the sole counterparty to the Client’s trades, and any execution orders are conducted in the Company’s name. Further information can be found in the “Best Execution Policy.” The Company has established Liquidity Agreements with reputable and regulated top-tier liquidity providers.

7.7 The Company may conduct trading activities during its normal trading hours for specific financial instruments when the platform generates prices and when the Client can give instructions or place orders for trading CFDs. Certain financial instruments have specific trading timeframes, which can be found in the Trading Specifications on the Company’s website. The Client will be notified of any firm holidays through the internal emailing system or other means employed by the Company.


7.8 During the Company’s regular trading hours, the Company is allowed to engage in trading activities for specific financial instruments. Clients can give instructions or place orders to trade a CFD on a financial instrument only during these hours. It is important to note that certain financial instruments have specific trading timeframes, which can be found in the Trading Specifications on the Company’s Website. Clients are responsible for checking the Company’s Website for more details before trading. The Company will notify clients of any Firm Holidays through the internal emailing system or other means employed by the Company.


7.9 The Company reserves the right to refuse the provision of any investment services to the Client at any time and at its absolute discretion, without being obligated to provide reasons for doing so.


Advise and Commentary

8.1 The Company will not provide the Client with advice regarding the merits of a specific order or any form of investment advice. The Client acknowledges that the Services do not include the provision of investment advice on financial instruments or the underlying markets or assets. The Client alone will make decisions on how to manage their Client Account and place orders based on their own judgment.


8.2 The Company is not obligated to provide the Client with legal, tax, or other advice related to any transactions. The Client may consider seeking independent professional advice before entering into any transaction.


8.3 The Company may, at its sole discretion, provide the Client with information regarding financial and market news, market commentary, or other information through newsletters, website posts, or other means. However, this information is not part of the Services provided to the Client. When the Client disseminates such information:


  1. a) The Company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, and the opinions expressed by authors and commentators do not necessarily reflect the Company’s opinion.


  1. b) The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, correctness, or completeness of the information, or the legal and/or tax consequences of any related transaction.


  1. c) This information is solely provided to assist the Client in making their own investment decisions and does not constitute investment advice or unsolicited financial promotions to the Client.


  1. d) If the document contains restrictions on the intended recipients, the Client agrees not to pass it on to any such person or category of persons.


  1. e) The Client acknowledges that the Company may have acted upon the information before dispatch, and the Company cannot guarantee that the Client will receive such information at the same time as other clients.


8.4 It is understood that market commentary, news, or other information provided by the Company are subject to change and may be withdrawn at any time without notice.


8.5 The Company does not provide investment, financial, tax, or regulatory advice, nor does it offer any recommendations. The Client understands that they are responsible for assessing any transaction before entering into a trade and should not rely on any opinion, material, or analysis provided by the Company or its affiliates, employees, representatives, or any other related parties as advice or recommendation. If the Client is uncertain about proceeding with the Agreement, it is advised to seek independent advice.


8.6 The Company does not provide investment research, and any other material containing market analysis is considered marketing communication and should not be interpreted as advice, recommendation, or research.



9.1 After activating the Client’s account, the Client will have the ability to:


  1. a) Download and install the trading platform(s) (referred to as “the Software”), or use the web-based version of the Software if available. The Company should ensure that the Software is accessible and operational.


  1. b) Use their Access Codes to log in to the Software and the Company’s client dashboard, where they can view personal information and trading activity. The Client is responsible for maintaining or changing their password. The Client is also responsible for keeping any correspondence with the Company regarding their Access Codes private and confidential.


9.2 Provided the Client fulfills their obligations under the Agreement, the Company grants the Client a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, and fully revocable license to use the Platform(s), including the Website and any associated downloadable software, to place orders for specific financial instruments. The Company may use different platforms depending on the financial instrument.


9.3 The Trading Platform(s), which may be developed by a third party, is provided “as is”. The Company will ensure, to the best of its ability, that the Software supports data security protocols compatible with its own. However, the Company cannot guarantee that the Software is free of errors or deficiencies.


9.4 The Company will reasonably maintain the Trading Platform(s) and related systems up to date. The Company and/or relevant third parties may perform maintenance from time to time, including server shutdowns, restarts, and refreshes to ensure effective and efficient operation of the Software. These actions may result in the Software being temporarily inaccessible or inoperative. The Client accepts that the Company is not responsible for any loss, including financial loss and missed opportunities, due to maintenance or any action or omission of any third-party provider.


9.5 The Client is solely responsible for providing and maintaining compatible equipment necessary to access and use the Platform(s), including a personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet (depending on the Platform used), internet access, and telephone or other access line. The Client is responsible for any fees associated with connecting to the internet.


9.6 The Client represents and warrants that they have implemented appropriate means of protection for the security and integrity of their computer, mobile phone, or tablet, and have taken actions to protect their system from viruses or other harmful materials that may affect the Website, the Platform(s), or other Company systems. The Client further agrees not to transmit any viruses or harmful materials to the Platform(s) from their personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet.


9.7 The Company is not liable for any failure, damage, destruction, or formatting of the Client’s computer system(s), mobile phone(s), or tablet(s). Additionally, the Company is not liable for any delays or data integrity problems resulting from the Client’s hardware configuration or mismanagement.


9.8 The Company is not responsible for any disruptions, delays, or communication problems experienced by the Client while using the Platform(s).


9.9 Orders with the Company are placed on the Platform(s) using Access Data through the Client’s compatible personal computer connected to the internet. The Company is entitled to rely on and act upon any Order given using the Access Data on the Platform(s) or via phone without further inquiry to the Client, and such Orders are binding upon the Client.


9.10 The Company will strive to make the Software and other systems available when needed by the Client, but continuous availability cannot be guaranteed due to various reasons, including but not limited to:


  1. a) Failures or errors, including technological issues such as internet connectivity failures that may affect access to the Software.


  1. b) Suspension of service availability due to maintenance, repairs, updates, developments, or other issues beyond the Company’s control. The Company will make reasonable efforts to resolve any issues, even outside normal trading hours, and provide prior notice when possible.


9.11 The Client is responsible for ensuring they can access the Company’s Software when needed and during available times. This includes having reliable internet connectivity and maintaining the necessary devices.


Intellectual Property

10.1 The Platform(s), including copyrights, trademarks, patents, service marks, trade names, software code, icons, logos, characters, layouts, trade secrets, buttons, color schemes, graphics, and data names, are the exclusive intellectual property of the Company or third parties and are protected by local and international property laws and treaties. This Agreement does not grant the Client an interest in the Platform(s) but only a right to use them as outlined in the Agreement. The Client acknowledges that the Company’s intellectual property rights are not waived.


10.2 The Client must not obscure, remove, or use any copyright, trademark, or other notices from the Company’s official Website or Platform(s).


10.3 The Company may offer its services under different trademarks and websites. The images displayed on the Company’s Website, Platform(s), and downloadable software are owned by the Company, and the Client may not use these images in any way other than as provided by the Company.


10.4 The Client is permitted to store and print the information available through the Company’s Website and/or Platform(s), including documents, policies, text, graphics, video, audio, software code, user interface design, or logos. However, the Client is not allowed to alter, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, or commercially exploit this information, in whole or in part, in any format to any third party without the Company’s written consent.


Prohibited Actions

11.1 The Client is strictly prohibited from engaging in any of the following actions with regards to the Platform(s):


  1. a) Using software that applies artificial intelligence analysis to the Company’s systems and/or Platform(s).
  2. b) Intercepting, monitoring, damaging, or modifying any communication that is not intended for them.
  3. c) Utilizing spiders, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, time bombs, or any other codes or instructions designed to distort, delete, damage, or disassemble the Platform(s) or the Company’s communication system.
  4. d) Sending unsolicited commercial communication that is not permitted under applicable laws or regulations.
  5. e) Engaging in any activity that violates the integrity of the Company’s computer system or Platform(s), or causes malfunctions or disruptions to their operation.
  6. f) Unlawfully accessing, attempting to gain access, reverse engineering, or circumventing any security measures implemented by the Company on the Platform(s).
  7. g) Taking any action that could potentially allow irregular or unauthorized access or use of the Platform(s).


11.2 If the Client engages in trading strategies aimed at exploiting misquotations or acts in bad faith (commonly known as “Sniping”), or if the Company, at its sole discretion and in good faith, determines or suspects that the Client or any representative trading on their behalf is benefiting from such misquotations or engaging in any other improper or abusive trading behavior, including but not limited to:


  1. a) Committing fraud or illegal actions that led to the transaction.
  2. b) Engaging in arbitrage trading, such as “Swap Arbitrage,” “Latency Arbitrage,” or “Bonus Arbitrage,” based on prices offered by the Company’s Platform(s).
  3. c) Using automated trading systems, such as robot trading.
  4. d) Using an IP address different from their geolocation without notifying the Company.
  5. e) Placing orders on manipulated prices due to system errors or malfunctions.
  6. f) Conducting arbitrage trading on prices offered by the Company’s platform as a result of system errors.
  7. g) Coordinating transactions with related parties to take advantage of system errors and delays in system updates.
  8. h) Placing orders based on privileged confidential information.
  9. i) Engaging in any other behavior that the Company reasonably believes is an attempt to manipulate the trading platform, overall trading environment, or trading conditions.


11.3 In case of any breaches by the Client under Paragraph 11, the Company reserves the right to take any of the following actions:


  1. a) Adjust the Price Spreads available to the Client.
  2. b) Restrict the Client’s access to streaming, instantly tradable quotes, providing manual quotation only.
  3. c) Retrieve any historic trading profits obtained by the Client through abusive liquidity practices, as determined by the Company at any point during the trading relationship.
  4. d) Reject an order or cancel a trade.
  5. e) Immediately terminate the Agreement.


11.4 If the Company reasonably suspects that the Client has violated the terms outlined in Paragraph 11, it is entitled to take one or more countermeasures as specified in Paragraph 30 of this Agreement.



12.1 The Client agrees to maintain the confidentiality of their Access Data or Client Account number and not disclose them to any third party.


12.2 The Company only accepts instructions from the Client and/or their Authorized Representative(s) based on a duly executed “Power of Attorney.” Authorized Representatives are not considered Clients of the Company. However, the Company will treat instructions from an Authorized Representative as if they were directly from the Client, and may act upon such instructions without verifying their authenticity or validity.


12.3 In addition to the above, the Company may rely on instructions from anyone in possession of the Client’s Access Codes as if those instructions came from the Client, without further inquiry to confirm the person’s identity.


12.4 The Client is responsible for keeping their dealings with the Company confidential. The Company holds no responsibility if unauthorized access to information regarding the Client’s dealings with the Company occurs in the following situations:


  1. a) Information held by the Client.
  2. b) Information transmitted electronically or through other means from the Client to the Company or any authorized party.
  3. c) Information transmitted electronically or through any other means from the Company to the Client or any Authorized Representative.


12.5 If the Client intentionally or unintentionally reveals their Access Codes to any person, the Company assumes no responsibility for any resulting losses, including financial losses or missed opportunities caused by the Client’s actions or omissions.


12.6 The Client agrees to immediately notify the Company if they become aware or suspect that their Access Codes or Client Account number have been or might have been disclosed to an unauthorized person. The Company will take steps to prevent further use of the Access Codes and issue replacement Access Codes. The Client will be unable to place any orders until they receive the replacement Access Codes. The Client acknowledges that the Company cannot identify instances where someone other than the Client or their Authorized Representative gained access to their Software or information without their consent.


12.7 The Client agrees to cooperate with any investigation conducted by the Company into the misuse or suspected misuse of their Access Data or Client Account number.


12.8 The Company reserves the right to revoke the Client’s access and/or the access of any Authorized Representative to the Software at any time without obligation to the Client.


12.9 If the Client has not engaged in any activity or transactions for a certain period determined by the Company, the Company reserves the right to perform additional checks and request additional documentation before allowing the Client to resume any activity with the Company.


Placement and Execution of Orders

13.1 Orders placed using approved methods will be executed by the Company on its Electronic Trading System. The Client can place orders on the Platform(s) using the Access Data provided by the Company, ensuring that all essential details are provided.


13.2 If information is not transmitted to the Company through approved means or if the Client misinterprets any instruction or information, it is the Client’s responsibility to make the necessary amendments. The Company bears no responsibility for any resulting losses, whether financial or missed opportunities, related to such instructions.


13.3 Orders are executed according to the Summary of Best Execution Policy, which is binding for the Client.


13.4 The Company will make reasonable efforts to execute an order, but it is understood that due to factors beyond the Company’s control, transmission or execution may not always be successful.


13.5 The Company is not responsible for any loss arising from delayed or unreceived communication sent by the Company to the Client.


13.6 If the Client has appointed an Authorized Representative to deal with the Company on their behalf and wishes to revoke the appointment, written notice must be provided to the Company with a minimum of two days’ notice. Until the Company receives such notice, any instructions received from the Authorized Representative will be considered valid and fully binding for the Client.


13.7 The Company will provide the Client with adequate reporting on their orders. The Client understands and agrees that such reports are considered durable medium reports provided by the Company. The Company may not provide statements of account regarding the financial instruments traded unless specified otherwise. If the Client believes a report to be incorrect or did not receive a report when expected, they must contact the Company within ten business days from the date the order was sent or should have been sent. If no objections are raised during this period, the content of the report is deemed approved and conclusive.


13.8 Orders may be placed during the Company’s normal trading hours, as specified on its website and subject to amendments. The Client may communicate with the Company for support and instructions, other than orders, in any of the languages available on the Company’s website during business hours.


13.9 Unless permitted by the Software, all orders to trade the financial instruments offered by the Company are final and cannot be canceled or deleted unless expressly agreed by the Company or otherwise stated in the Company’s legal documentation.


Decrease in Client Orders

14.1 The Company reserves the right, without providing any notice or explanation to the Client and at its sole discretion, to impose restrictions on the Client’s trading activity, cancel any Orders, decline or refuse to transmit or execute any Client Orders. In such cases, the Client is not entitled to claim any damages, specific performance, or compensation from the Company. The following circumstances may lead to such actions:

  1. a) Disruption in internet connection or communication.
  2. b) Compliance with a request from a regulatory or supervisory authority, court order, or anti-fraud and anti-money laundering authorities.
  3. c) Doubt regarding the legality or authenticity of the Order.
  4. d) Occurrence of a Force Majeure Event.
  5. e) Client defaulting on their obligations.
  6. f) Receipt of a termination notice from the Company.
  7. g) Rejection of the Order by the Company’s system due to trading limits.
  8. h) Abnormal market conditions.
  9. i) Insufficient funds in the Client’s Balance for the specific Order.


Default Event

15.1 The following circumstances constitute an “Event of Default”:

  1. a) Client’s failure to fulfill any obligations to the Company.
  2. b) Client’s inability to meet their financial obligations.
  3. c) Misrepresentation or untruthfulness of any representation or warranty made by the Client.
  4. d) Incapacity or legal incapability of the Client (if the Client is a natural person).
  5. e) Any other circumstance where the Company deems it necessary or desirable to take action as specified in Paragraph 30.
  6. f) Action required by a competent authority, regulatory body, or court.
  7. g) Reasonable suspicion of the Client’s involvement in fraud, illegality, or breach of applicable regulations, or if the Company is at risk of such involvement by continuing to offer services to the Client.
  8. h) Suspicions of the Client’s engagement in money laundering, terrorist financing, card fraud, or other criminal activities.
  9. i) Reasonable suspicion of the Client engaging in prohibited actions outlined in Paragraph 11 of the Agreement.
  10. j) Reasonable suspicion of the Client engaging in abusive trading practices, such as snipping, pip-hunting, abusive hedging, trading or playing the gap, trading on financial news, arbitrage, or manipulation of feeds.
  11. k) Reasonable suspicion of the Client fraudulently opening the Client Account.
  12. l) Reasonable suspicion of the Client engaging in forgery or using a stolen credit card to fund their Client Account.


15.2 In the event of an Event of Default, the Company has the absolute discretion to take one or more of the following actions without prior written notice:

  1. a) Immediate termination of the Agreement.
  2. b) Cancellation of any open positions.
  3. c) Temporary or permanent restriction of access to the Platform(s) or suspension/prohibition of specific functions.
  4. d) Rejection, decline, or refusal to transmit or execute any Client Orders.
  5. e) Restriction on the Client’s trading activity.
  6. f) Reversal of funds to the rightful owner in case of fraud, or as per law enforcement instructions.
  7. g) Cancellation or reversal of any profits gained through abusive trading or the use of artificial intelligence on the Client Account.
  8. h) Pursuit of legal action for any losses suffered by the Company.


Handling of Client Funds

16.1 Upon receiving Client funds, the Company promptly deposits them into one or more segregated accounts held with reliable financial institutions. Client funds are kept separate from the Company’s own funds and are not used for business purposes. The treatment of Client funds complies with applicable “Client Money” rules, subject to periodic amendments.

16.2 Client funds are deposited in segregated bank accounts, separate from the Company’s funds. These accounts treat all Client money as belonging to the Company’s clients and cannot be utilized to fulfill any obligations of the Company. Client funds are pooled in a Segregated Account, acting as an omnibus account, where no individual client has a claim to a specific sum in the event of insolvency. Any claim by a client is against the money held in the Segregated Account.


16.3 In some cases, the third party receiving Client funds may hold them in an omnibus account, making it challenging to distinguish them from the Client’s funds or the third party’s funds. In the event of insolvency or analogous proceedings concerning that party, the Company may only have an unsecured claim on behalf of the Client. This exposes the Client to the risk of insufficient funds to satisfy their claims, and the Company disclaims liability for resulting losses.


16.4 The Company does not provide interest on Client Money held on their behalf, even if it earns interest from the financial institution(s) where the funds are held.


16.5 The Company exercises reasonable skill, care, and diligence in selecting, appointing, and periodically reviewing the financial institutions used to hold Client Money, in compliance with regulatory obligations. The credit rating of these institutions is considered, and periodic monitoring of their credit risk is conducted. The Company may utilize multiple institutions for diversification and assign internal percentage limits to each chosen institution. The Company provides instructions to the institutions regarding the transfer and movement of Client Money. If the Client has open positions, the Company reserves the right to set off any unrealized losses from the Segregated Account against the Client’s Account. Likewise, unrealized profits resulting from open positions may be transferred from the Company’s account to the omnibus account.


16.6 Reconciliation of funds is performed at the close of each business day, and necessary transfers to or from the Segregated Account are executed on the next business day, unless circumstances prevent immediate action.


16.7 The Company is entitled to transfer Client Money to successors, assignees, transferees, or buyers upon providing the Client with a written notice at least 15 business days in advance, in accordance with Paragraph 30.2 of the Client Agreement.


Client Accounts, Deposits, and Withdrawals/Refunds

17.1 The Company establishes one or more Client Accounts for the purpose of enabling the Client to place Orders on specific Financial Instruments.

17.2 The types of Client Accounts offered by the Company and their characteristics are available on the Company’s website and subject to change at the Company’s discretion and in accordance with Paragraph 29 of the Agreement.


17.3 The Client Account becomes active once the Client makes the minimum initial deposit, which is currently set at $100 or its currency equivalent as determined by the Company. The minimum initial deposit may vary depending on the type of Client Account provided.


17.4 Upon the Client’s deposit, the Company credits the relevant Client Account with the deposited amount within one business day after the funds are cleared in the Company’s bank account.


17.5 If the Client’s funds are not deposited into the Client Account as expected, the Client should notify the Company and request a banking investigation. The Client is responsible for any charges related to the investigation, which may be deducted from their Client Account or paid directly to the investigating bank. To conduct the investigation, the Client must provide the requested documents and certificates.


17.6 The Client has the right to withdraw funds equivalent to the available free margin in their Account(s), subject to operational restrictions and any applicable legal documents specified on the Company’s official website. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50.


17.7 Transfers become effective after the Company’s systems credit or debit the relevant Account(s) accordingly. While the Company strives to make transfers effective and timely, the duration of this process cannot be guaranteed. The Company bears no liability for any delays or losses resulting from incorrect or incomplete information provided by the Client.


17.8 Funds transferred by the Client to the Company for the purpose of funding their Client Account are deposited on the Value Date, net of any transfer fees or charges imposed by financial institutions or intermediaries involved in the transfer process. The Company may, at its discretion and without obligation, credit funds still in transfer before the Value Date to the Client’s Account. Delays caused by factors beyond the Company’s control are not the Company’s responsibility.


17.9 The Company will deposit funds into the Client’s Account only after ensuring that the funds are sent by the Client or the Client’s Authorized Representative from an account in their name. The deposit should not violate any terms in the Client agreement or any applicable laws or regulations.


17.10 The Company may request additional documentation to verify the legitimacy of the Client’s transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, for compliance with regulatory obligations. The Client acknowledges that such circumstances may cause delays or rejections in transaction processing.


17.11 When the Client instructs the Company to withdraw funds from the Client Account, the Company will make the payment within 4 to 7 Business Days if the following conditions are met:

  1. a) The withdrawal instruction includes all necessary information.
  2. b) The transfer is intended for the account from which the funds were originally deposited.
  3. c) The destination account belongs to the Client.
  4. d) The Client’s Balance at the time of payment is greater than or equal to the specified withdrawal amount, including any applicable charges.
  5. e) There are no Force Majeure events preventing the Company from processing the withdrawal.
  6. f) Withdrawals can only be made to accounts in the Client’s name. It should be noted that some banks and credit card companies may take time to process payments, especially when involving correspondent banks.
  7. g) Failure to complete the Company’s due diligence procedures, including providing requested documentation to the Company’s satisfaction, may affect the Client’s ability to withdraw funds.
  8. h) If fulfilling the withdrawal request requires closing some or all of the Client’s Open Positions, the Company will not comply until sufficient positions are closed to allow for the withdrawal.


17.12 The Company strictly prohibits third-party or anonymous payments into the Client Account and will not make withdrawals to any third-party or anonymous accounts.


17.13 In cases where the Company is not satisfied with the incoming transaction and rejects it, the Company may return the funds to the sender, deducting any transfer fees or charges incurred. The refund will be sent to the original source where the funds were received, unless the Company determines otherwise.


17.14 The Company aims to ensure that withdrawals of funds deposited by the Client are returned to the same source. If, for any reason, the Company is unable to do so, it may return the funds as requested, net of any transfer fees, charges, or deductions incurred by the Company, subject to regulatory restrictions.


17.15 The Company reserves the right to accept or decline funding and withdrawal requests based on the chosen payment method. The Company may suggest alternative methods to the Client.


17.16 Furthermore, the Company reserves the right to decline funding and withdrawal requests if it believes or suspects that such requests may violate legal or regulatory obligations. This includes instances where the Company is not satisfied with the provided documentation. In such cases, the Company may reverse the transaction in part or in full, deducting any transfer fees, charges, or deductions incurred. The Client acknowledges that the Company may be unable to provide an explanation for rejecting the request in certain situations.


17.17 The Client may request internal transfers of funds to another Client Account held with the Company, subject to the Company’s discretion and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


17.18 If the Client holds funds in multiple Accounts with the Company, the Company may merge those funds without seeking the Client’s permission.


17.19 When the Company reverses any transaction from the Client, and the Client holds multiple Accounts, the Company may merge the Client’s funds held in those Accounts as described above.


17.20 The Client should make any requests regarding the administration of their Account(s) through their Client Dashboard.


17.21 The Company will make reasonable efforts to keep the Client informed about the progress of funding and withdrawal requests, including processing times and any required documentation that may cause delays. However, the Company cannot guarantee these times in instances beyond its control.


17.22 If the Client receives funds from the Company by mistake, the Client agrees to hold such funds in trust for the Company or the rightful owner. If the Client uses the mistakenly sent funds, the Company may claim the funds and any profits derived from their use on behalf of the rightful owner. The Client will not be compensated for any losses resulting from using such funds, and the claim for the full amount shall remain.


17.23 If required by law, regulations, or rules, the Company may deduct amounts from the Client’s Account.


17.24 The Company reserves the right to set-off any present or future liability owed to the Client under the Agreement, even if the liabilities are expressed in different currencies. The Company may convert the liabilities at the market exchange rate.


17.25 When the Company offsets any amount due by deducting it from the Client’s Account(s), it considers the obligation satisfied and discharged, except for obligations that cannot be considered as satisfied.


17.26 The Company generally does not process refunds, except in exceptional cases determined solely at its discretion. The Client agrees to follow the Company’s withdrawal procedures as outlined in this section of the Agreement.


Inactive and Dormant Client Accounts

18.1 If the Client Account remains inactive for three or more months (no trading, open positions, withdrawals, or deposits), a monthly maintenance fee of 10 units of the account currency (e.g., $10, 10 EUR, or 10 GBP) will be charged starting from the first day of the month following the three months of inactivity.

18.2 If the Client Account remains inactive for a year or longer, and after notifying the Client at their last known address or registered email address, the Company reserves the right to close the Client Account and render it dormant. The funds in the dormant account remain owed to the Client, and the Company will keep records and return the funds upon the Client’s request.



19.1 Prior to engaging in any transaction with the Company, the Client should consider any applicable charges, such as spreads, commissions, and swaps, which are listed on the Company’s official Website and subject to amendments. The Client is responsible for seeking further clarification if needed. The applicable charges will be deducted from the Client Account(s) immediately. The Company provides an interactive cost calculation tool on the Website for the Client’s convenience.

19.2 Charges may be represented in monetary terms or other units such as pips, depending on the instrument. The value of a pip for each of the Company’s instruments can be found on the Website’s Trading Specifications section.


19.3 The Company reserves the right to change its charges for the Client’s dealings, with prior written notice for material changes, unless they result from unforeseen market circumstances. The Client is responsible for regularly checking the Company’s Website for any updated information on charges.


19.4 If the Client is dissatisfied with any changes to the Company’s charges, they can contact the Company’s Compliance Department or terminate the Agreement according to the provisions herein.


19.5 Swaps are subject to fees based on the position held and prevailing interest rates of the currency pair involved in a transaction. The Client Account may be credited or debited with financing, automatically converted into the Client’s Balance Currency at 21:59 GMT (23:59 Server Time). Additional 3-Day Swap charges apply on Wednesdays for all FX assets and on Fridays for Indices to account for the weekend. Specific swap fees for each instrument can be found on the Company’s Website.


19.6 The Company determines its interest rates based on the overnight rates provided by its liquidity providers and updates them as necessary.


19.7 The Company charges its own interest rates, based on the overnight rate provided by

our LP’s. The Company updates its rates as often as it deems necessary.


19.8 For certain payment methods, transaction fees may apply. If the Client engages in deposit and withdrawal activity without conducting any trading with the Company, the Company reserves the right to impose fees or charges for specific payment methods as it deems necessary.



20.1 The Client acknowledges that they are solely responsible for fulfilling all requirements related to tax filings, returns, and reports to relevant authorities, whether governmental or otherwise. They are also responsible for the payment of any applicable taxes, including transfer taxes or value-added taxes, arising from their trading activities with the company mentioned hereafter.

20.2 Depending on the jurisdiction where the Client resides, investing in financial instruments may be subject to taxation. However, the tax implications will vary based on the Client’s personal circumstances. If the Client is unsure about how taxation may affect them, it is recommended that they seek independent tax advice, as the Company does not provide financial or tax advice.

20.3 The Client acknowledges that tax laws can change, and in such cases, the Company reserves the right to deduct any tax payments, including but not limited to stamp duty, capital gains tax, or other applicable taxes related to the Client’s transactions with the Company, from the Client Account.

20.4 The Client understands that certain financial instruments may be subject to various taxes or duties, such as the Financial Transaction Tax Regime, stamp duty, transfer tax, dividend tax, withholding tax, or other taxes, depending on the jurisdiction. In such cases, the Company will pass on the tax obligation to the Client by debiting the amount from the Client Account.


Personal Data and Confidentiality

21.1 By entering into the Agreement, the Client provides their consent for the Company to store and process the data they have provided, both during the registration process for an Account and throughout their business relationship. This includes any sensitive data. The Client has the right to withdraw their consent by notifying the Company in writing, but it’s important to note that the Company may not be able to continue providing services if the Client chooses to do so. The Client acknowledges that the Company is required to retain records of the Client’s data and interactions for as long as necessary under regulatory requirements.

21.2 The Company may collect client information directly from the Client (such as through the Account Opening Application Form) or from other sources, including credit reference agencies, fraud prevention agencies, banks, and other financial institutions, as well as public registers.

21.3 The Company treats the client’s information as confidential and uses it solely for the purpose of providing, administering, and improving its services, conducting anti-money laundering and due diligence checks, performing research and statistical analysis, and marketing purposes. Information already in the public domain or possessed by the Company without a duty of confidentiality is not considered confidential.

21.4 The Company has the right to disclose Client information (including recordings

and documents of a confidential nature, card details) in the following circumstances:

  1. a) Where required by law or a court order by a competent Court.
  2. b) Where requested by the FSC or any other regulatory authority having control or

jurisdiction over the Company or the Client or their associates or in whose territory

the Company has clients.

  1. c) To relevant authorities to investigate or prevent fraud, money laundering or any other

illegal activity.

  1. d) To credit reference and fraud prevention agencies, third authentication service

providers, banks and other financial institutions for credit checking, fraud prevention,


anti-money laundering purposes, identification or due diligence checks of the Client.

To do so, they may check the details of the Client supplied against any particulars or

any database (public or otherwise) to which the Company has access. They may also

use the Client’s details in the future to assist other companies for verification

purposes. A record of the search will be retained by the Company.

  1. e) To the Company’s professional advisors provided that in each case the relevant

professional shall be informed about the confidential nature of such information and

commit to the confidentiality obligations herein as well.

  1. f) To other service providers who create, maintain or process databases (whether

electronic or not), offer record-keeping services, email transmission services,

messaging services or similar services which aim to assist the Company collect,

store, process and use the Client information or get in touch with the Client or

improve the provision of the Services under this Agreement.

  1. g) To other service providers for statistical purposes in order to improve the

Company’s marketing, in such a case the data will be provided in an aggregate form.

  1. h) To market research call centers that provide telephone or email surveys with the

purpose to improve the services of the Company, in such a case only the contact

details data will be provided.

  1. i) Where necessary in order for the Company to defend or exercise its legal rights to

any court or tribunal or arbitrator or Ombudsman or government authority.

  1. j) At the Client’s request or with the Client’s consent.
  2. k) To an affiliate of the Company or any other company in the same group of the


  1. l) To successors or assignees or transferees or buyers, with ten Business Days prior

written notice to the Client, and for the purposes of Paragraph 35.2 of the Client



In cases where the Company reveals or exchanges the Client’s information based on the aforementioned clauses, the Company will make reasonable efforts to ensure that it is done securely.

21.5 If the Client is an individual, the Company will handle and process the personal information provided by the Client for the Services in compliance with the relevant privacy laws and regulations. Upon request, the Company is obligated to provide the Client with a copy of their personal data held by the Company, subject to the Client paying an administrative fee.

21.6 By entering into this Agreement, the Client consents to the transmission of their personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

21.7 The Client acknowledges that the Company may directly contact them via telephone, fax, email, or post for the purpose of administering the terms of the Agreement.

21.8 If the Client was referred to the Company by a third party under an introducer agreement, the Affiliate may have access to certain information about the Client’s interactions with the Company. The Client accepts that the Company, its Affiliates, or other companies within the same group as the Company may contact them periodically via telephone, fax, email, or post for marketing purposes or to conduct market research, in order to bring products or services to their attention.

21.9 In accordance with applicable regulations, the Company will retain records containing the Client’s personal data, trading information, account opening documents, communications, and any other relevant information related to the Client for at least five years following the termination of the Agreement.

21.10 The Company will take reasonable measures to ensure the security of the Client’s data. However, it should be noted that transmitting information over the internet or other networks is not entirely secure, and the Company cannot be held liable for any data transmission from the Client to the Company.


Communications and Written Notices

22.1 The Company will communicate with the Client through the Client’s registered email, the Client Dashboard, telephone, or via written communication sent by post to the Company’s registered address, should the Client prefer. The Company’s contact details are available on the Company’s website. Any communication from the Client to the Company will be considered effective upon receipt by the Company, and it is the Client’s responsibility to read any communication sent by the Company through approved methods.

22.2 The Company may use various methods such as email, the Platform’s internal mail, telephone, post, commercial courier services, air mail, or the Company’s website to communicate with the Client.

22.3 Written notices from the Company to the Client include email, the Platform’s internal mail, post, commercial courier services, air mail, or the Company’s website.

22.4 Written notices from the Client to the Company include email, post, commercial courier services, or air mail.

22.5 Unless otherwise stated in Paragraph 22.9, the following rules apply to the receipt of communications sent to either Party:

  1. a) If sent by email, it is deemed received one hour after sending, provided the email has been sent from the sender’s outlook.
  2. b) If sent via the Platform’s internal mail, it is deemed received immediately after sending.
  3. c) If sent by facsimile transmission, it is deemed received upon the sender’s receipt of a transmission report confirming the recipient’s facsimile machine received the message.
  4. d) If sent by telephone, it is deemed received once the telephone conversation has concluded.
  5. e) If sent by post, it is deemed received seven calendar days after posting.
  6. f) If sent via commercial courier service, it is deemed received upon signing the document upon receipt of the notice.
  7. g) If sent by air mail, it is deemed received eight Business Days after dispatch.
  8. h) If posted on the Company’s website, it is deemed received one hour after posting.

22.6 The Company will use the contact details provided by the Client when opening the Client Account, or any updated contact details provided thereafter, to communicate with the Client. Therefore, the Client has an obligation to promptly inform the Company of any changes in their contact details.

22.7 Faxed documents received by the Company may be electronically scanned, and the scanned version will serve as conclusive evidence of the faxed instructions.

22.8 The Client can contact the Company during the Company’s normal working hours, while the Company may contact the Client outside its normal working hours.

22.9 Any Written Notice sent to the Company must be received during the Company’s working hours. Notwithstanding Paragraph 22.5, any Notices received outside of normal working hours will be treated as received on the following Business Day.

22.10 By accepting this Agreement, the Client acknowledges that the official language of the Company is English. Unless the Client has chosen to receive information in multiple languages, all information and marketing material provided by the Company will be consistently presented in English. Information and material in other languages may be provided solely for convenience or legal requirements. In case of a dispute, the English version shall prevail.

22.11 The Client consents that when the Company provides information via a website, it is not personally addressed to them. However, the Client expressly consents to receiving information in formats other than paper, such as through the Website, Platform internal mail, or other software, as it is suitable for the Company’s business operations. By maintaining or opening an account with the Company and placing a trade, the Client explicitly agrees to receive information in such formats.

22.12 Any communication sent by the Company to the Client is intended for the Client’s eyes only. Therefore, the Client is responsible for keeping any information sent by the Company confidential and private.

22.13 The Company may communicate with the Client occasionally, in compliance with the applicable rules on client communications, for business, marketing, and promotional purposes.

22.14 The Company assumes no responsibility for any losses arising from delayed or undelivered communication sent to the Client.



23.1 The Company retains the right to hold a general lien on all funds held by the Company, its Associates, or its nominees on behalf of the Client until their obligations are fulfilled.


Representations and Warranties

24.1 The Client assures and guarantees the following to the Company:

  1. a) If the Client is an individual, they confirm that they are at least 18 years old when entering into this Agreement.
  2. b) The Client is of sound mind and capable of making decisions for their own actions.
  3. c) There are no limitations on the markets or financial instruments in which the Client can engage in Transactions based on their nationality or religion.
  4. d) All actions performed under the Agreement will comply with applicable laws, rules, and agreements affecting the Client’s jurisdiction, assets, or funds.
  5. e) The Client will not misuse or employ the IP, Platform, or Website in violation of this Agreement, and will only use them for the benefit of their own Client Account.
  6. f) The Client is authorized to enter into this Agreement, place Orders, and fulfill their obligations hereunder.
  7. g) The Client is the individual who completed the Account Opening Application Form or, if the Client is a legal entity, the authorized person who completed the Account Opening Form on behalf of the Client.
  8. h) The Client is acting as a principal and not as an agent, representative, trustee, or custodian for another party. The Client may act on behalf of someone else only with the Company’s explicit written consent and upon submission of all required documents.
  9. i) The information provided by the Client in the Account Opening Application Form and subsequently is accurate, complete, and true, and the documents provided by the Client are valid and authentic.
  10. j) The Client has read and fully understood the terms of this Agreement, including the information provided in the Legal Documentation available on the Company’s Website, which is an integral part of this Agreement.
  11. k) The Client’s trading funds are not derived directly or indirectly from any illegal activities or intended for terrorist financing.
  12. l) The Client is not a Politically Exposed Person, nor does the Client have any relationships (such as relatives or business associates) with individuals holding or having held prominent public positions in the last twelve months. If this statement is untrue and the Client has not disclosed it in the Account Opening Application Form, they will promptly inform the Company. The Client will also notify the Company if they become a Politically Exposed Person during the course of this Agreement.
  13. m) The Client is not a resident of Iran, Japan, North Korea, Yemen, or the USA, as the Company does not accept Clients from these countries.
  14. n) The Client has read and comprehended the Risk Disclosure and Warnings Notice.
  15. o) The Client consents to receiving information related to the Agreement through the Website or email.
  16. p) The Client confirms regular internet access and agrees to receive information, including but not limited to amendments to the Agreement, costs, fees, policies, and investment risks, by posting such information on the Website or via email. Upon request, the Client may opt for postal or fax delivery.


24.2 The Client represents and warrants that they have voluntarily entered into this Agreement without coercion or reliance on any representations other than those included herein.


24.3 Additionally, the Client warrants their awareness of any requirements or implications, including any restrictions or reporting obligations imposed by their local jurisdiction as a result of entering into this Agreement. The Company shall not be held responsible for any requirements imposed by the Client’s local authorities, and the Client agrees to comply with applicable obligations.


24.4 The Client further represents and warrants that the information provided during their registration and Account opening accurately reflects their personal circumstances, and they have not provided the Company with any false or misleading information. Furthermore, if any provided information becomes invalid, the Client will promptly inform the Company in writing of the change in their circumstances.


24.5 The Client also warrants that they will not commercially distribute information regarding financial instruments, including pricing information and chart data offered by the Company, to any third party.


24.6 The Client warrants and affirms that:

  1. a) The funds used for trading legally belong to the Client, free from any lien, charge, pledge, or other encumbrance.
  2. b) The funds are not directly or indirectly derived from any illegal activities or criminal acts that constitute a predicate offense under applicable Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism laws and regulations.
  3. c) Unless the Client is acting as a representative or trustee of a third party and has provided the necessary documentation to meet regulatory requirements, the Client is trading on their own behalf and not on behalf of a third party.


24.7 The Client warrants that all documents submitted to the Company during the Account Opening Process and throughout the Agreement are valid and authentic. If the Company, at its sole discretion, believes that any document is incorrect or invalid, it may request additional documentation. Failure to provide such documentation may result in appropriate action taken by the Company.


Exclusion of Liability

25.1 Except in cases of negligence or fraud by the Company, the Company shall not be held responsible for any loss resulting from acts, omissions, or transactions carried out by the Client, third parties, or on their behalf, in relation to the Client’s Transactions with the Company.

25.2 Generally, neither party shall be liable for losses arising from unforeseeable events at the time of the Agreement’s effectiveness, nor for losses not caused by any breach of the terms herein.

25.3 If the Company provides information, recommendations, news, transaction-related information, market commentary, or research to the Client (including newsletters not posted on the Website or provided to subscribers), the Company shall not be liable, except in cases of fraud, willful default, or gross negligence, for any losses, costs, expenses, or damages resulting from inaccuracies or mistakes in such information.

25.4 The Company shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, or expenses incurred by the Client due to:

  1. a) Errors, failures, or interruptions in the operation of the Platform(s), delays caused by the Client Terminal or Transactions made via the Client Terminal, technical problems, system failures or malfunctions, communication line failures, equipment or software malfunctions, system access issues, system capacity issues, high internet traffic demand, security breaches, unauthorized access, or similar computer problems and defects.
  2. b) Losses incurred by the Client due to trading at their own risk, for which the Company assumes no liability. This clause does not exclude liability for death or personal injury.
  3. c) The Company’s failure to perform its obligations under the Agreement resulting from a Force Majeure Event or any other cause beyond its control.
  4. d) The Company’s outsourcing of activities to third parties to provide Services under this Agreement. While the Company will make reasonable efforts to ensure the activities of such third parties, it is not responsible for controlling their actions. The Company’s responsibility is to minimize any losses the Client may suffer due to acts or omissions of the outsourced parties. However, the Company shall not be liable for any losses resulting from such acts or omissions unless it has acted negligently.
  5. e) Unauthorized persons obtaining the Client’s Access Data prior to the Client reporting the misuse of their Access Data to the Company.
  6. f) Unauthorized access by third parties to information transmitted between the Parties or any other party, including electronic addresses, electronic communication, personal data, and Access Data, through the internet or other network communication facilities, postal services, telephone, or any other electronic means.


  1. g) Any risks mentioned in the Risks Disclosure and Warnings Notice.
  2. h) The risk associated with changes in currency exchange rates.
  3. i) Any changes in tax rates.
  4. j) The occurrence of slippage during trading.
  5. k) If the client relies on features such as Trailing Stop, Third Party Expert Advisor, and Stop Loss Orders, the company will not be held responsible for any losses incurred by the client due to their use. If the company becomes aware that the client is using any of these solutions in bad faith or contrary to the terms stated here, the company reserves the right to terminate the agreement and withhold any profits generated from such systems.
  6. l) In abnormal market conditions.
  7. m) Any actions or representations made by the Introducer.
  8. n) Any acts or omissions, including negligence and fraud, by the client or their Authorized Representative.
  9. o) The client’s or their Authorized Representative’s trading decisions.
  10. p) All orders placed using the client’s Access Data.
  11. q) The content, accuracy, correctness, and completeness of any communication transmitted through the Platform(s).
  12. r) As a result of the client engaging in Social Trading through any Third-Party Platform.
  13. s) The solvency-related actions or omissions of any third party mentioned in Paragraph 16.1.
  14. t) The occurrence of a situation described in Paragraph 16.3.

25.5 If the company, its directors, officers, employees, affiliates, or agents incur any claims, damages, liabilities, costs, or expenses related to the execution of the agreement, the use of the Platform(s), or as a result of them, the client is responsible for indemnifying the company for such losses.

25.6 The company shall not be liable to the client for any indirect, special, consequential, or incidental losses, damages, loss of profits, loss of opportunity, costs, or expenses that the client may suffer in relation to the agreement, the provision of services, or the use of the Platform(s).

25.7 The company’s total liability to the client will not exceed the fees paid to the company under the agreement for the particular client’s use of the services and Platform(s).

25.8 Furthermore, the company will not be held liable to the client due to:

  1. a) Negligence, fraud, breach of the agreement, breach of any law, or any act or omission by the client.
  2. b) Inability to access the company’s Platform and systems, including delays, delivery failures, or loss or damage resulting from information transmission over any network, including the internet.
  3. c) Inability to access the company’s Platform and systems or any delays encountered while contacting the company’s Account Managers, unless it is the company’s wrongdoing.
  4. d) Compliance measures taken by the company to adhere to applicable laws and regulations, including instances where the company is unable to process client instructions due to the risk of breaching any law or regulation.
  5. e) Any other event or circumstance beyond the company’s control.

25.9 The limitations and exclusions stated in the agreement apply regardless of whether the company, its employees, or affiliates are aware of the client’s losses or claims against the company.

25.10 If the client has relied on a third party or followed their instructions or advice, including trading signals or copy trading strategies that resulted in losses, the company will not be held liable. The client understands that the company’s service is provided on an execution-only basis, and therefore, the company is not responsible for any losses incurred by the client in such circumstances.



26.1 Upon request, the client is obligated to indemnify the company against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages (including reputational), losses (direct, indirect, or consequential), interest, penalties, and professional costs and expenses incurred by the company due to:

  1. a) The client’s breach of the agreement.
  2. b) The client providing false or misleading information to the company.
  3. c) Enforcing the agreement.

26.2 Indemnity generally refers to the payment of money as compensation for suffered losses.

Force Majeure

27.1 This section pertains to events that may occur occasionally and prevent the company from fulfilling some or all of its obligations (“Specific Events” or “Force Majeure”):

  1. a) Natural, technological, political, governmental, social, economic, pandemic, civil emergency, acts of terror, interruptions or failures of utility services.
  2. b) Non-performance by a third party, disruptions caused by humans, or similar events beyond the company’s reasonable control.
  3. c) Illegitimate actions, errors, failures, or disruptions in the company’s systems, technological infrastructure, or other infrastructure against the company’s servers, whether owned by the company or a third party.
  4. d) Changes in applicable laws or regulations, actions by official bodies, or other changes in the company’s legal or regulatory obligations due to unforeseen events.
  5. e) Acts or omissions by financial or other institutions that the company could not predict or prevent.
  6. f) Events that prevent the Platform or systems from operating in an orderly or normal manner.
  7. g) Abnormal market conditions, such as significant volatility or instability in the markets or the industry as a whole, preventing the company from providing services in an orderly manner, including instances where the company is unable to receive or receives incorrect data from service providers.
  8. h) Any other unforeseeable event or circumstance within reasonable limits.

A Force Majeure event refers to an event beyond the company’s control that, although reasonably likely to occur or imminent, the company cannot be expected to be prepared for or prevent.

27.2 If the company determines, in its reasonable opinion, the existence of a Force Majeure Event (without prejudice to other rights under the agreement), the company may take the following steps without prior notice and at any time:

  1. a) Suspend or modify the application of any or all terms of the agreement to the extent that the Force Majeure Event makes it impossible or impractical for the company to comply with them.
  2. b) Take or refrain from taking other actions deemed reasonably appropriate by the company considering the positions of the company, the client, and other clients.
  3. c) Shut down the Platform(s) for maintenance or to prevent damage in case of malfunction.
  4. d) Cancel client orders.
  5. e) Refuse to accept orders from clients.
  6. f) Deactivate the client account.
  7. g) Increase margin requirements without notice.
  8. h) Close out open positions at appropriate prices determined in good faith.
  9. i) Increase spreads.
  10. j) Decrease leverage.
  11. k) Notify the client when feasible.
  12. l) Close open positions at available prices, including combining or closing positions at the Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) or requesting amendments to closed positions.
  13. m) Suspend, limit, or restrict the provision of company services.
  14. n) Amend any part of the agreement if compliance is no longer feasible for the company.
  15. o) Cease trading.
  16. p) Restrict the client’s access to the Platform, company systems, or other systems.
  17. q) Make necessary amendments to open trades.
  18. r) Implement close-only functionality.
  19. s) Reject or delay the processing of any withdrawal requests from client accounts.
  20. t) Impose special or different terms for client orders regarding size, volatility, liquidity, etc.
  21. u) Remove or temporarily suspend products or change contract specifications.
  22. v) Exercise any rights available to the company under the agreement and the company’s Best Execution Policy.

27.3 The company will make every effort to resume the orderly provision of services as soon as reasonably possible. If resumption is not possible, the company will inform the client of necessary actions to protect their interests, if possible.

27.4 If the company is unable to fulfill its obligations to the client due to a Force Majeure Event, it will not be considered a breach of the agreement.


27.5 Unless specifically stated in this Agreement, the Company shall not be held liable or responsible for any form of loss or damage resulting from a failure, interruption, or delay in fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement if such failure, interruption, or delay is caused by a Force Majeure event.


Netting and Set-Off

28.1 In the event that the total amount payable by the Client is equal to the total amount payable by the Company, the mutual obligations to make payment will automatically offset and cancel each other.

28.2 If the total amount payable by one Party exceeds the total amount payable by the other Party, the Party with the larger total amount shall pay the excess to the other Party, thereby satisfying and discharging all payment obligations automatically.

28.3 The Company reserves the right to merge and consolidate all Client Accounts under the Client’s name and offset the balances in such accounts in the event of Agreement termination.


Amendments to the Agreement

29.1 The Company retains the right to modify any part of the Agreement, including but not limited to, compliance with regulatory obligations, without requiring the Client’s consent. The Company will inform the Client of such changes through written notification or by updating the information on the Company’s website. The Client is responsible for regularly checking the Company’s website for any updates to the Agreement or Legal Documents.

29.2 The Company may also make changes to the Agreement for the following reasons:

  1. a) Simplifying the terms for better understanding or to the Client’s advantage.
  2. b) Incorporating new services, facilities, or replacing outdated ones.
  3. c) Adapting to changes in the banking, investment, financial, or technological systems used by the Company.
  4. d) Complying with regulatory requirements or requests from authorities.
  5. e) Rectifying any terms inconsistent with applicable regulations.

29.3 The Company can make changes to the Agreement for reasons not listed under Paragraph 29.2, as long as the Client can terminate the Agreement without incurring any charges.

29.4 The Company will provide the Client with a minimum of 2 (two) Business Days’ advance notice for any changes made under Paragraphs 29.2 and 29.3, except for changes required to comply with applicable regulations, which may take effect immediately if necessary.

29.5 Written notice, including a post on the Company’s website, will be given for changes falling under (a), (d), or (e) of Paragraph 29.2. For other changes to the Client Agreement communicated through a website post, the Company will also provide additional written notice, such as via email.

29.6 When the Company notifies the Client of changes under Paragraphs 29.2 and 29.3, the notice will specify the effective date. Unless the Client informs the Company of their wish to terminate the Agreement and reject the changes before that date, the Client will be considered to have accepted the changes. No charges will apply for terminating the Agreement in this case, except for any costs related to services provided up to the termination.

29.7 The Company has the right to review its costs, fees, charges, commissions, financing fees, swaps, trading conditions, execution rules, rollover policy, and trading times, which will be communicated through the Company’s website and/or platform. The Client is responsible for regularly checking for updates. Except in the case of a Force Majeure event, the Company will provide at least 15 (fifteen) Business Days’ advance notice on its website or via email to the Client’s registered email address. The Client will be deemed to have accepted the changes unless they inform the Company of their intention to terminate the Agreement and reject the changes before the end of the 15-day notice period. No charges will apply for terminating the Agreement in this case, except for any costs related to services provided up to the termination.

29.8 If the Company deems any amendments to be material or favoring the Company or to the detriment of the Client, such amendments will take effect on the specified date mentioned in the Company’s notice, allowing the Client the opportunity to cancel the Agreement.

29.9 The Client has the right to cancel the Agreement if they disagree with any amendments made by the Company. Likewise, the Company reserves the right to terminate the Agreement if the Client disagrees with any amendments made by the Company.

29.10 Any amendments will apply to all ongoing transactions between the Company and the Client, unless otherwise stated in the Company’s notice.

29.11 The Client is responsible for staying informed about any changes made by the Company to the Agreement. The latest version of the Agreement available on the Company’s website will be considered applicable. In the event of a dispute, the version available at the time of the dispute will prevail.


Termination and Consequences of Termination

30.1 Either Party may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect by giving a minimum of 15 (fifteen) Business Days’ notice to the other Party, without prejudice to the Company’s right to terminate the Agreement immediately without prior notice.

30.2 Termination by either Party will not affect any obligations or legal rights and obligations that have already arisen under the Agreement or any Transactions made thereafter.

30.3 Upon termination of the Agreement, the Client becomes immediately responsible for all amounts payable to the Company, including outstanding costs and any other amounts due, along with any charges or additional expenses resulting from the termination.

30.4 Before the termination date mentioned in the notice of termination:

  1. a) The Client must close all their Open Positions. Failure to do so will result in the Company closing the Open Positions.
  2. b) The Company may restrict the Client’s access to the Platform(s) or limit their functionalities.
  3. c) The Company may refuse to accept any new Orders from the Client.
  4. d) The Company may retain the Client’s funds to settle any open positions or pending obligations under the Agreement.

30.5 Upon termination, the following actions may be taken:

  1. a) The Company may combine the Client’s accounts, consolidate the balances, and offset them.
  2. b) The Company may close the Client’s Account.
  3. c) The Company may convert any currency.
  4. d) The Company may close out the Client’s Open Positions.
  5. e) Unless there is any illegal activity, fraud, or instructions from relevant authorities, if there is a positive balance in the Client’s favor, the Company will pay the balance to the Client promptly, after deducting any amounts considered appropriate for future liabilities. The Company will provide a statement detailing the calculation of the balance. The funds will be transferred according to the Client’s instructions. Third-party payments may be refused at the Company’s discretion.

30.6 The Company may terminate the Agreement immediately if:

  1. a) The Client breaches any part of the Agreement.
  2. b) The Company has reasonable grounds to believe that the Client has acted in bad faith, including abuse of the Company’s “Negative Balance Protection” policy.
  3. c) Bankruptcy or winding-up procedures involving the Client are initiated.
  4. d) The Client dies or becomes incapacitated (in the case of death), and any funds in the Client’s Account(s) form part of their estate.
  5. e) The Client violates any applicable laws or regulations, including anti-money laundering laws.
  6. f) The Client acts contrary to the Company’s Best Execution Policy or other relevant policies and procedures.

30.7 Upon termination of the Agreement, the Company will transfer any remaining balance in the Client’s Account(s) to the Client, after deducting any outstanding amounts owed to the Company, unless prohibited by law.


30.8 The Company has the right to modify this Agreement and any arrangements made under it at any time by providing written notice to the Client. The Client will be considered to have accepted and agreed to the amendment unless they notify the Company otherwise within 10 business days from the date of the notice. If the Client objects to the amendment, it will not be binding on them, but their account will be suspended, and they must close their account as soon as reasonably possible.


Closure of Client’s Account

31.1 The Client has the option to close their Trading Account(s) at any time, provided they close all open positions in their Account(s) and fulfill any obligations to the Company that may have arisen. The Client can only close their Trading Account(s) once these obligations have been completed.

31.2 To terminate their Trading Account(s), the Client must initiate a withdrawal request for the entire available balance in their Account(s) and send an official email to the Company stating their request to close the Account(s).

31.3 If a Client’s Account balance is lower than 100 USD/EUR, they can only withdraw their funds by sending an official email to the Company requesting the closure of their Trading Account(s) and the return of their remaining balance. As it is not possible to submit a withdrawal request through the client portal for amounts lower than 100 EUR/USD, the Company will proceed with terminating the Account(s) and returning the funds based on the Client’s email instructions sent from their registered email address. If the Client’s funds need to be returned via Bank Wire Transfer, any transfer fees associated with the transaction will be borne by the Client.

31.4 Once the Company receives the request to close the Account or executes the withdrawal request, the Client’s account will be terminated within 1 business day.

31.5 The Client’s Account cannot be reopened within 90 days from the date of account closure.


Complaints and Disputes

32.1 If the Client wishes to file a complaint, they must send an email to [email protected] with the completed “Complaints Form.” The Company will make every effort to resolve the complaint promptly and in accordance with its Complaints Handling Procedure.

32.2 If a situation arises that is not explicitly addressed in this Agreement, the Parties agree to resolve the matter in good faith, fairness, and in line with market practices.



33.1 If any part of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, illegal, or in violation of any rules, regulations, or laws of any market or regulator by a court of competent jurisdiction, that part will be considered excluded from the Agreement from the beginning. The Agreement will then be interpreted and enforced as if the provision had never been included, while the remaining provisions will remain valid and enforceable.


Non-Exercise of Rights

34.1 The failure of either Party to seek redress for violations, insist on strict performance of any condition or provision in this Agreement, or exercise any right or remedy to which they are entitled under this Agreement does not imply a waiver of such rights or remedies.



35.1 The Company may, with 15 business days’ prior written notice to the Client, sell, transfer, assign, or novate any or all of its rights, benefits, or obligations under this Agreement or the performance of the entire Agreement. This can be done without limitation in the event of a merger or acquisition involving the Company and a third party, reorganization of the Company, or sale or transfer of all or part of the Company’s business or assets to a third party.

35.2 In the event of a transfer, assignment, or novation as described in Paragraph 35.1, the Company has the right to disclose and/or transfer all Client Information, including personal data, correspondence, due diligence and client identification documents, files, records, and the Client’s Trading History, as necessary. This transfer may also include the Client Account and the Client’s funds, provided the Client receives 15 business days’ prior written notice from the Company.

35.3 The Client is not permitted to transfer, assign, charge, novate, or otherwise transfer their rights and obligations under this Agreement.



36.1 If the Client is introduced to the Company through a third party, such as a business introducer, associate, or affiliate (referred to as the “Introducer”), the Client acknowledges that the Company is not responsible for the conduct or representations of the Introducer, and the Company is not bound by any separate agreements between the Client and the Introducer.

36.2 The Client acknowledges that their agreement or relationship with the Introducer may involve additional costs, such as commission fees or charges that the Company may be obligated to pay to the Introducer. If applicable, these costs will be disclosed to the Client in accordance with applicable regulations.


Authorized Representative

37.1 In certain cases, the Company may accept an Authorized Representative on behalf of the Client to place Orders or handle other matters related to the Client Account or this Agreement. The Client must notify the Company in writing of the appointment of an Authorized Representative, and the Company must approve this person based on its specifications.

37.2 Unless the Company receives written notification from the Client to terminate the authorization of the Authorized Representative, the Company has the right to continue accepting Client Orders and instructions related to the Client’s Account from the Authorized Representative. The Company will consider such orders valid and binding.

37.3 The Client must provide written notification to the Company at least 5 days before terminating the authorization of the Authorized Representative.

37.4 The Company has the right to refuse to accept Orders or instructions from the Authorized Representative in certain cases, including when there is reasonable suspicion that the Authorized Representative is not legally allowed or properly authorized to act, when an Event of Default has occurred, to ensure compliance with market rules or practices, or to protect the Client’s interests.


Multiple Account Holders

38.1 If the Client consists of two or more persons, their liabilities and obligations under this Agreement are joint and several. Any notice given to one of the persons forming the Client will be considered as given to all of them. Similarly, any Order given by one of the persons forming the Client will be considered as given by all of them.

38.2 In the event of the death or mental incapacity of one of the persons forming the Client, all funds held by the Company or its Nominee will be for the benefit and at the discretion of the surviving person(s), and any obligations or liabilities owed to the Company will be owed by such survivor(s).


Applicable and Governing Law and Applicable Regulations

39.1 All rights and remedies provided to the Company under this Agreement are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by the law.


Placing, Cancelling, or Removing Orders and Execution of Client Orders

40.1 Orders can be placed, executed, changed, or removed within the Trading Hours specified for each type of CFD on the Company’s Website, subject to amendments made by the Company.

40.2 Pending Orders that are not executed will remain effective until the next trading session or will be canceled at the end of the day, depending on the characteristics of the trading instrument.

40.3 Market Orders that cannot be executed due to insufficient volume will not remain effective and will be canceled.

40.4 Open Spot Positions will be rolled over to the next Business Day at the close of business in the relevant Underlying Market, unless the Company exercises its right to close the position. Open Forward Positions will be rolled over at the expiry of the relevant period, subject to the Company’s rights to close the position.

40.5 Orders will be valid based on the specified type and time, or indefinitely if no time of validity is specified. However, the Company may delete pending orders if the Client Account Equity reaches zero.

40.6 Orders cannot be changed or removed after they have been placed in the market. Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders may be changed if they are set at a level higher than a specific threshold, depending on the trading symbol.

40.7 The Client may change the expiration date of Pending Orders, or delete or modify a Pending Order before it is executed.

40.8 The Company is responsible for receiving and transmitting all Orders given by the Client in accordance with their terms. However, the Company is not responsible for checking the accuracy of any Order.

40.9 All orders are executed at the first available price.


40.10 Within the duration of this Agreement, the Company will receive the Client Orders for individual CFDs and may send them to a third party, which will act as the execution venue and counterparty for the CFDs. The Company itself will not be a counterparty to the CFDs.

40.11 Unless otherwise agreed in this Agreement, the Company is not obligated to monitor or provide updates on the status of any Transaction or close any of the Client’s Open Positions. Any such actions taken by the Company will be at its discretion and should not be considered as an obligation to continue doing so.

40.12 It is the responsibility of the Client to stay informed about their positions at all times.



41.1 If the Company is unable to proceed with an Order due to reasons such as price, size, or other factors depending on the type of Client Account, it may either send a re-quote to the Client with a different price until the desired price is available, or the Order will be executed at the closest available price in the market.

41.2 The Quotes displayed on the Client’s trading terminal are live. However, in cases of high volatility in the Underlying Market, the execution of the Order may be affected by the execution time, and the Client may request a specific price, but they will receive the first available price in the market.

41.3 The Company provides Quotes based on the price of the Underlying Asset, but these Quotes do not necessarily adhere to a specific percentage of the Underlying Asset price. When the relevant Underlying Market is closed, the Quotes provided by the Company reflect its estimation of the current Bid and Ask price of the Underlying Asset at that time. The Client acknowledges that such Quotes are determined solely at the discretion of the Company.

Trailing stop, Expert Advisor, and Stop Loss Orders

42.1 The Client acknowledges that trading operations utilizing additional features of the Client Trading Terminal, such as Trailing Stop and Expert Advisor, are entirely the Client’s responsibility, as they depend directly on the Client’s Trading Terminal, and the Company bears no responsibility for them.

42.2 The Client acknowledges that placing a Stop Loss Order does not guarantee that losses will be limited to the intended amounts, as market conditions may prevent the execution of such an Order at the specified price, and the Company assumes no responsibility in such cases.

Margin Requirements

43.1 The Client is required to provide and maintain the Initial Margin and/or Hedged Margin within the limits determined by the Company at its sole discretion for each type of CFD, as specified in the Contract Specifications.

43.2 It is the Client’s responsibility to understand how Margin requirements are calculated.

43.3 Unless a Force Majeure event occurs, the Company has the right to change the Margin Requirements by providing the Client with a Written Notice of 2 (two) Business Days prior to the amendments. In such a situation, the new Margin Requirements will apply to both new positions and existing open positions.

43.4 In the case of a Force Majeure event, the Company has the right to change Margin Requirements without prior notice to the Client. In such a situation, the new Margin requirements will apply to both new positions and existing open positions.

43.5 The Company has the right, without prejudice to Paragraph 14.1 of the Agreement, to close and/or limit the size of the Client’s Open Positions (New or Gross) and refuse Client Orders to open new positions in the following circumstances:

  1. a) The Company determines that there are abnormal trading conditions.
  2. b) The value of the Client’s collateral falls below the minimum Margin Requirements.
  3. c) The equity (current balance including open positions) is equal to or less than a specified percentage of the margin (collateral) required to maintain the open position.
  4. d) The Company issues a Margin Call, and the Client fails to meet it.
  5. e) In the event that the Company issues a Margin Call to the Client or the Platform warns the Client that the Margin in the Client Account has reached 50%, the Client must choose one of the following options to address the situation:
  6. Limit exposure by closing trades.
  7. Close some of the Client’s current open positions.

iii. Maintain a substantial Margin Level.

43.6 If the Client’s Margin Level drops to or below 100%, they will be unable to open any new positions. If the Client’s Margin falls below 15%, the Company reserves the right to close the Client’s Open Positions. In such cases, the Company will send the Client an email as an early warning regarding the performance of their Open Positions. However, the Company assumes no responsibility if the Client does not receive the notification in a timely manner or if the Client has opted out of receiving email notifications from the Company.

43.7 Margin must be paid in monetary funds in the currency of the Client’s Account.

43.8 The Client agrees not to create any security interest or assign or transfer any of the Margin transferred to the Company.

Swap Free Client Accounts

44.1 Swap free accounts, also known as Islamic Client Accounts, comply with Sharia Law.

44.2 The Swap Free Account (Forex Islamic Account) is a Client Account that does not incur swap or rollover interest on overnight positions, in accordance with the Muslim faith. Muslim Clients may be eligible to open a Swap-Free account at the sole discretion of the Company, while still benefiting from the Company’s trading conditions.

44.3 Swap Free Accounts have the same trading conditions and terms as regular account types, except that they do not involve swaps.

44.4 Before applying for a Swap-Free Account, the Client must ensure compliance with the Swap Free Account Use Agreement.

44.5 If a Client, due to religious beliefs, cannot receive or pay interest, they may request to designate their Account as a Swap-Free Account by completing and submitting an application form provided by the Company. The Company reserves the right to refuse such requests at its sole discretion, and the Client confirms that the request is solely due to religious beliefs.

44.6 If the Company suspects that a Client is abusing the privileges granted by the Swap-Free Account classification, it may take one or more of the following actions without prior notice:

  1. a) Add commission to each trade executed in the Swap-Free Account.
  2. b) Cancel the special rights and conditions associated with the Swap-Free Account, revert it to a regular Trading Account, and withdraw the Swap-Free designation.
  3. c) Restrict or prohibit the Client from hedging their positions.
  4. d) Close any Open Positions at the prevailing market price, at the Company’s discretion. The Client acknowledges that they will be responsible for any costs resulting from these actions, including changes in the Spread.

44.7 The Company may offer Swap Free Accounts to Clients who, for religious reasons, prefer not to pay or receive daily swap fees. The Company will determine the selected CFDs in underlying Financial Instruments that can be traded in Swap Free Accounts based on its internal policies. The list of eligible underlying Financial Instruments (or the list of CFDs for which Swap-Free trading is not permitted) will be communicated to each Client with a designated Swap Free Account.

44.8 If a Client has a Swap Free Account, they are required to close any open CFD positions within 45 calendar days of opening them. Failure to do so allows the Company to consider it as an abuse of the terms of the Swap Free Account and take actions specified in Paragraph 42.2 above, or charge rollover fees in accordance with Paragraph 15 of this Agreement, retroactively.

44.9 The Company reserves the right to terminate Swap Free privileges at any time, providing notice to the Client as stipulated in the Agreement.

44.10 Swap Free Accounts are subject to dividends, other corporate actions, and daily funding charges, which will be reflected in the relevant Account Statements.

Cryptocurrencies/Virtual Currencies

45.1 The Company reserves the right to offer trading of Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on cryptocurrencies through its Online Trading Facility. In the context of this Agreement, cryptocurrencies refer to decentralized digital currencies or assets that are not issued by any central bank or issuer. They utilize encryption techniques for generating currency units and verifying unit transfers, unless the context suggests otherwise.

45.2 The Client acknowledges and agrees that cryptocurrencies are traded on decentralized digital exchanges that are not regulated. As a result, the pricing and price movements of these products solely depend on the internal rules of the specific digital exchange, which may change without prior notice. The Client further recognizes that these changes can significantly impact the value of cryptocurrencies and may lead to substantial losses within a short period.

45.3 Market and pricing data for cryptocurrencies are obtained from the digital decentralized exchanges where they are traded. The rules governing market and data pricing for cryptocurrencies are subject to the discretion of the relevant digital exchange and may be altered at any time. Additionally, these exchanges may impose trading suspensions or take other actions that could result in the suspension or cessation of trading, rendering price and market data unavailable to the Company. These factors may have a material adverse effect on the Client’s Open Positions, potentially causing the loss of all invested capital. If trading on a digital exchange is temporarily or permanently disrupted, the Client may be unable to close their position, withdraw funds related to the position, or liquidate their position until trading resumes (if at all). In the event that trading resumes, either on the initial digital exchange or its successor, significant price differentials (price gaps) may occur, impacting the value of the Client’s CFD positions in cryptocurrencies and resulting in significant profits or losses. If trading does not resume, all of the Client’s invested capital could potentially be lost. The Client acknowledges that the Company has informed them of this particular risk and understands it when making investment decisions regarding CFDs on cryptocurrencies.

45.4 By trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies, the Client acknowledges, represents, and warrants that they fully comprehend the specific characteristics and risks associated with these cryptocurrencies. The Client recognizes that trading cryptocurrencies and/or CFDs on cryptocurrencies may not be suitable for all investors.


Third Party Technology

46.1 The Company utilizes third-party technology to collect necessary information for traffic measurement, research, and analytics. This use of third-party technology involves data collection. Therefore, the Company informs the Client, and the Client acknowledges and accepts, that the Company allows third parties to place or access cookies on the browsers of users visiting the Company’s domain. These third parties may utilize web beacons to gather information through advertisements displayed on the Company’s website. If the Client does not agree to the use of such cookies, they can modify their browser settings to reject or disable Local Shared Objects and similar technologies. However, the Client understands that doing so may disable certain functionalities of the Company’s services.


Review of the Agreement

47.1 The Compliance Function regularly reviews the Agreement at least once a year.

47.2 The Company will update the Agreement as needed, which may occur in the following circumstances:

  1. a) Changes in legislation.
  2. b) Changes in the Company’s business operations, including the implementation of new systems.
  3. c) Organizational changes within the Company.
  4. d) Introduction of new internal rules, procedures, or policies within the Company.
  5. e) Emergence of new risks.
  6. f) Changes in technologies.


Recording of Telephone Calls and Records

48.1 As a regulated entity, the Company is obligated to maintain records of all services, activities, and transactions it provides. Therefore, the Company records all forms of communication, including incoming and outgoing telephone conversations, as well as other electronic communications, related to any concluded transactions involving the reception, transmission, and execution of Client orders. These recordings are made for quality monitoring, training, and regulatory purposes. The Company also records any other communication with the Client, such as chat messages, emails, and other electronic communications, even if they do not result in the conclusion of transactions or the provision of Client order services. The Company reserves the right to utilize these records as necessary, including for dispute resolution.

48.2 All records are stored by the Company in a durable medium that allows for playback or copying. The records are retained in a form that prevents the Company from altering or deleting the original version. The Company may provide copies of these recordings to regulatory authorities upon request, without requiring the Client’s consent, to comply with its regulatory obligations.

48.3 The Company will retain copies of these records for the duration required by applicable laws and regulations, which may be amended from time to time, starting from the date the record is created.

48.4 The Client acknowledges and accepts that they have been provided advance notice regarding the recording of telephone and electronic communications between the Company and the Client, as described in this paragraph.

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