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Renovox takes pride in its strong dedication to serving clients. We are committed to delivering a service that is user-friendly, robust, reliable, and of high quality. We understand that it is mutually beneficial for both you, the client, and a Company to prioritize your best interests and treat you fairly in all interactions. With this in mind, we strive to meet your expectations of exceptional service through the following measures:

  1. Ensuring that you are informed about the inherent risks associated with FX and CFD transactions.
  2. Aligning the trading service we provide with your level of trading knowledge and experience.
  3. Offering transparent information about our products and services, including any applicable fees and commissions, and keeping you well-informed at all times.
  4. Ensuring that all of our financial promotions are clear, fair, and free from any misleading information.
  5. Ensuring that our products perform as expected.
  6. Segregating your funds from our own funds.
  7. Providing educational tools and continuously improving our products to meet your specific trading needs.
  8. Fairly managing any conflicts of interest that may arise.
  9. We encourage you to inquire about any aspects of the Company, our products, and services that you may not fully comprehend.
  10. We commit to promptly addressing your questions, concerns, and inquiries, ensuring a timely response.
  11. We will grant you access to a formal complaints procedure, and if necessary, we will escalate the matter appropriately to fulfill our obligations to you.


Ways you can assist us:


To deliver the highest level of service, we kindly request that you:

  1. Notify us promptly of any changes to your contact details, whether they are related to your work or home.
  2. Inform us if there are any aspects of our service or products that you find unclear or require further explanation.
  3. Share any areas where you believe our service can be improved by contacting us at [email protected]

At Renovox, we prioritize your safety and success while engaging in trading activities across Indices, Currencies, Crypto, Metals, and Stocks. Rest assured, you are in capable hands with us.

Renovox is the Trading Group of companies

Renovox goes beyond being a mere online brokerage. Irrespective of your financial objectives, we are committed to providing tailored trading solutions that align with your needs. With a strong emphasis on prioritizing our clients, we offer an extensive range of instruments, platforms, account types, and resources. Our goal is to ensure an exceptional trading experience for every trader, treating them as individuals rather than mere customer ID numbers.

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